Frequently Asked Questions

Is AGift With Care a charitable organisation?

AGift With Care is a social business run by Universal Joy Sdn. Bhd., that aims to help special people (SP henceforth) both financially and through self-improvement.  While charities largely require donations to keep them afloat, the proceeds of a social business allow it to continue operating.  We view this self-sufficiency as a desirable feature of the social business as a means to affect positive social change.  We act as an external party that sells products involving significant contribution and creative input from SP.

Although we are not a charitable organization in the traditional sense of the word, our mission to help SP is aligned closely with many charities.  This mission is to:

  1. provide employment opportunities to SP;
  2. assist SP and their charitable organisations in becoming financially self-reliant;
  3. enhance confidence and instill a sense of self-worth in SP through real outcomes such as employment; and
  4. raise public awareness about, and eliminate negative stereotypes towards, SP.


AGift With Care is not exactly charity, how do you help SP as you have claimed?

Firstly, we provide employment opportunities to SP by utilising their talents in decorating the bottles of our products.  For every Eau de Toilette (EDT) or Eau de Parfum (EDP) bottle decorated, a negotiated wage is paid either directly to the painter or to their beneficiary organisation.  All SP working with Universal Joy Sdn. Bhd are recommended by their charitable organisations and have received approval from their guardian/s.

Secondly, for every product sold, an amount up to RM10.00 is set aside for charity partners.

Thirdly, after our annual financial audit, we will donate a significant portion of our profits after tax (targeting 20%) to our charity partners.  This is in addition to the competitive wages paid to the SP working for AGift.


What is the benefit of purchasing an AGift With Care product instead of donating directly to a charity?

There is no doubt that direct donations serve to meet immediate needs of SP and help the survival of charitable organisations. Through AGift With Care, we seek to help charitable organisations establish long-term and self-sustaining operations, and reduce reliance on charity from the public.

Many small charities rely heavily on donations and help from volunteers who mostly consist of parents and caretakers of SP.  While, some larger charities seek to be self-sufficient and generate income through recycling and manufacturing activities, these operations are typically based on a collective effort from volunteers – it is only the end, not the means, that bring benefit. AGift With Care aims to achieve self-sufficiency by involving SP into its operations, allowing them to contribute directly to their own welfare through the process of decorating the bottles. This serves as an opportunity to educate them about the value of work, and foster a sense confidence and feeling of self-worth – the knowledge that you can do something is a critical driver of the learning process.  In this way, not only the end, but also the means, promote positive change.

While people are generally altruistic in nature, with the ever increasing pace of day-to-day life, making a continuous commitment to a charity can sometimes be overshadowed by other more immediate matters.  Through AGift With Care, we hope to tap into the wider community and make our products easily accessible. In this way, society can support SP by simply purchasing items that are of daily use.


Who are your charity partners?

At present, our list of charity partners is as follows:

The Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children’s Association of Penang

The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) – Penang

The Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children (REACh)

The Society For Aid To The Handicapped (Joblink Centre)

Penang Down Syndrome Association


We will seek to include other charitable organisations as AGift With Care grows.

For more information on our charity partners, please visit our ‘Charity Partners’ page.


How do SP get their pay for their bottle drawings?

We pay the bottle drawing fees to the representing charitable organisations. The SP or his/her guardian/s has an agreement with the charitable organization stating whether the wage will be paid directly to the SP or to the collective fund of the organisation.   


What is your targeted yearly donation?

We are targeting to donate 20% of our net profits. The figure is not finalised until we examine our accounts at the end of our financial year. We will reinvest part of our profits back into the project and donate to our charity partners.


How can the public be sure that you are donating a part of your profits to your charity partners?

We will have yearly audit of our accounts by recognised accounting firms. We will post our audited financial statements on our website.


Are you exploiting SP for work?

There is no possibility of SP being exploited since all drawing sessions are guided by experienced and committed social workers, volunteers, and quite often, the parents and guardians themselves.  We also make sure that our painters have fun in the process.  Most of the times our painters work in their comfort zone, only when they feel like it, and only when they are physically and mentally capable.  To accommodate the various needs of our painters, our painting production runs at a very slow pace.


How do we know if the perfume bottles are drawn by SP and not normal employees?

We have agreements with our charity partners that the bottles must be painted by SP recommended by them and who have received approval from their guardian/s. The painters receive some help from volunteers in editing their drawings e.g., drawing edges or filing in empty patches.


Why have you chosen painting as a job for SP? Shouldn’t SP be given similar job opportunities as his/her non-disabled counterparts?

Art is one of the many media that can enable people to enjoy the ability to express themselves. It has been found that self-expression through media such as arts, crafts, music and dance can provide people with an opportunity for self-discovery. We do acknowledge and expect our painters to have varying degrees of artistic talent. For this reason, we plead our customers to accept possible minor imperfections or simplistic designs.

An alarming statistic is that 2% of people with disabilities in Malaysia enjoyed paid employment. There is an invisible barrier that prevents SP entering the mainstream workforce.  By involving SP in a business setting, we hope to serve as a stepping stone for SP to meet with other job opportunities.


What products do you sell?

We sell a range of personal care products and perfumes, such as body shampoo, hair shampoo and conditioner, body lotion and EDT. People can support SP simply by purchasing these everyday use items.


Is the quality of your products compromised for the sake of more donations?

We take our role as a vehicle to help SP and their charitable organizations very seriously, and aim to make our operations, and support for SP, self-sustaining.  To do this, we need to keep our customers coming back, and the best way to do this is build a reputation for providing unique products of the highest quality.  Hence, whether its basic toiletries or exclusive fragrances, we make sure our products exceed the high quality standards of consumers and compete readily with leading/commercial brands.  We strive to provide products that you would be justified in purchasing based on quality alone.